Boiler Replacements and Installations To lessen Monthly Energy Bills 

 Over time, if you don’t care for your boiler, you are going to most likely experience a change in your energy consumption as the boiler will cost you more to run every month. You may think that this is due to increasing energy bills - which is partly to blame, but additionally to this, the efficiency of your boiler will have decreased year on year - particularly if you haven’t had it serviced on a regular occasion. What is also important to take into consideration is the effects on the actual environment your existing boilers have, draining a lot more energy than is needed heat your home. If the boiler isn’t replaced or at least taken care of, further not so good news is the effect it can have on the safety of your family, as harmful gases can be released - also doing additional damage to the ozone layer. 
Loads of older boilers don’t function to the best of their abilities, putting stress on its parts and the amount of gas it uses to heat your household, whereas the new style energy-efficient boilers run on the optimum level, decreasing your yearly energy bills by up to £300 in many occasions. It all depends on the area that you are situated that will show you your boiler options. If you reside in the countryside or an older area, there could be a difficulty changing you from an old style heating system to a different one, given that there may 't be a gas connection for your house nearby, so additional costs could possibly be incurred for connecting your home to the nearest gas line - an operation which isn’t overly cheap. However, if you are close to a gas line, then installing a new boiler is without fail the best option for you - you only need to find a boiler replacement expert company to complete the job for you. 
 If you already have a boiler, and you simply want to replace it with a new energy efficient one, then the job is rather a simple one for any qualified company, and if you have the option to you should without a doubt install a new combi boiler which will provide you and your family with instantaneous hot water when you need it most, instead of having to wait quite a few minutes to wait for your boiler to heat water up.
Make sure that your boiler is installed by a Gas Sage registered boiler company. If care isn’t taken when installing the new boiler, then gas can escape from it causing danger to you and your loved ones, so be certain to choose wisely.
Prior to your choosing a business to install the boiler for you, ensure that you look at the cost up against the benefits, don’t be overcharged for a boiler that you don’t need. Simply choose a boiler that caters for your needs and your needs only, nothing too fancy, just something which does the job. All you have to do is search locally for a credible boiler company.
The last note - installing a new boiler can put value on your property and make it more appealing to buyers. On the flip reverse if you are looking to acquire a new home and it needs a new boiler installing, make sure you offer a fee for the home taking into consideration the amount it will cost you to install a new boiler when you move in. 

Choosing And Installing A Combi Boiler

This type of boiler - the combination - is not new. It has been more popular on the continent than in the U.K., but is now being fitted more frequently as an alternative to the conventional wall mounted boiler. There are two major differences between this boiler and it’s better known counterparts. On the central heating side you still have a fully pumped system but all the heated water which circulates around is sealed in totally. There are no open vents and therefore no need for a feed and expansion tank in the loft. The boiler itself incorporates an 8 litre capacity expansion tank but again this is part of the sealed unit. The answer to your queries would be that with our Combi Boiler you do not need a hot water storage cylinder which takes up a lot of space, you do not need a feed and expansion tank up in the loft, and components such as the pump, diverter valve and other necessary controls are already built into the boiler so that all electrical work apart from the mains supply connection is complete.

Major features are:

• British Gas service listed which also means guaranteed spare parts availability for a minimum of 10 years

• Fully automatic ignition to burner. No pilot light needed

• Supplied with time clock

• Telescopic flue included in pack

• Can be flued vertically

• Flue outlet can be fully fitted from inside the property so ideal even for high rise buildings

• Recessed control panel with clearly marked controls

• 2 years parts and labour guarantee

• British built

Domestic hot water is produced on demand only by the use of a highly efficient plate heat exchanger. When a hot tap is turned on, water from the sealed central heating circuit is automatically heat boosted and is diverted to the sector of the domestic hot water heat exchanger. Fresh cold water from the rising main or other
supply source passes through the heat exchanger where it is heated and fed to the tap, which has been turned on.  Automatic priority is given to domestic hot water over water to radiators.  When the tap is closed again the central heating water is returned to its normal circuit. Although over simplified this is how our “combi” boiler works. In every respect the boiler and connections etc. conform to Gas and Water Research Council requirements. So far as the balanced flue is concerned the boiler is classed as a room sealed category 1N appliance. The flue is fan assisted to expel exhaust gases and pull in fresh air for combustion. It can be rotated
 360°. The flue assembly supplied with the unit has an effective legth from the casing of the boiler to the external face of the wall of 632mmto the rear or 590mm to either side. Additional flue extensions are available which have a useable length of 676mm. The maximum permissible length for the Combi 102 is 2000mm. It is also possible to add additional elbows to the flue (SKU 442-003 by special order)but remember that for each 90° elbow added you must reduce the maximum allowed length by 767mm and by 384mm for 45° elbows. For the most difficult siting problems it is possible to take the flue vertically using a vertical flue (special order) up to a maximum height of 3851mm for the Combi 102.  This is measured from the top of the boiler to the inlet cowl. Diagram A shows flue options. It is important to read the instruction manual supplied with the boiler before you start the installation to ensure that you meet all regulations regarding the position of the flue terminal.
All in all, the combination boiler is a great option if you want to install a new boiler into your home.




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